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Founder and Principal

Hi, I’m Dugald, the founder of 23LEGAL, a boutique law firm offering traditional dispute resolution, restructuring, insolvency and commercial legal services but with a modern-world approach.

Prior to starting 23LEGAL, I spent 10 years working in high-end boutique law firms across Brisbane, gaining general practice experience in my early career before specialising in litigation, dispute resolution, restructuring and insolvency since 2010. I have acted for a wide variety of individuals, small business, large companies both in Australia and internationally and having worked on some of the largest and most complex litigation matters in Australian history.

This extensive experience provided me with a strong foundation to be able to assist you with the most complex of problems and to work with you to resolve it in the best way possible. It also prompted me to realise that change to the way law is practised was long over due and that there must be a better way to do things.

The world is modernising and the old way is outdated, inflexible and hasn’t kept pace with your way of life. The world needed a law firm that was flexible, responsive, forward-thinking and people-friendly, whilst still delivering exceptional services. It was this realisation, coupled with my commitment to embracing and being at the forefront of change, that led me to leave my comfort zone, embrace the innovative start-up world and create 23LEGAL!

As a self professed tech geek, I am passionate about technology, particularly emerging technologies and the ways that technology (both current and emerging) can provide new and novel solutions to age-old complex problems. The legal world, whilst being late to the party, is currently undergoing a digital and technological renaissance which is truly exciting. I have wholeheartedly embraced the emerging legal technology industry, hosting the Sydney leg of the inaugural Global Legal Hackathon in 2018 in conjunction with the Legal Forecast and incorporing a wide range of technology into 23LEGAL to streamline processes, make things easier, clearer and to reduce the costs to you.

I am committed to helping you achieve your goals, solve your problems and succeed doing what you do best.

When not working for you, I can be found attempting to craft something out of wood, aquascaping my aquarium or standing chest deep in a lake or river trying to catch some fish. I am a massive American sports fan, supporting all teams Chicago. I love to cook and I’m a tea aficionado (my tea of choice is generally a nice loose-leaf English Breakfast).

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