Law. For a modern world.

A new world approach

23LEGAL is a boutique law firm that offers traditional legal services but with a refreshing perspective.

Where we are different is how we do things. Unlike traditional law firms with large overheads and antiquated systems, we operate as a virtual law office which means clients can enjoy the services of a large firm without the hefty fees.

The modern world demands a new way of doing things but some parts of the legal profession have been slow to adapt. Many firms are at risk of being left behind when it comes to innovation, technology and customer service.

We created 23LEGAL to provide a new choice for clients seeking a law firm that was flexible, responsive, forward-thinking and people-friendly. We actually like people and want to see our clients succeed.

From our end, technology can enhance what we do and how we do it. Every client is different and we think it is important that we tailor our approach to reflect our clients’ goals and values so we can achieve the best possible outcome within the framework of the Law.

Our modern world is a busy and exciting place. Some shy away, we embrace it.

Our vision

  • To deliver top quality legal services and advice
  • To succeed at the expense of nobody
  • To treat our clients with respect and compassion, to learn from them and grow with them and their businesses
  • To have fun and enjoy both work and life
  • To be socially responsible and support the community
  • To be a thought leader within our industry and inspire positive and real change

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